The Bridal Party

Inna “INAH-3” Grishkan – Maid of Honor

Jim Hayes once said, “An old friend will help you move. A good friend will help you move a dead body,” and Becky’s friendship with Inna began doing just that – moving, flipping, and dissecting every part of Joe, their almost-preserved cadaver, during anatomy first year. Becky quickly learned the #1 rule: Inna is always right – especially when she has a sharp scalpel in her hand! They were pretty much inseparable after that, struggling to stay awake through lectures (hopelessly failing 99% of the time, despite gallons of coffee), eating cookies for dinner (yum!) before major exams, and drinking cases of wine (it’s good for their hearts!).  Inna can add being fluent in “Becky” to her CV (“where’s the thingy…the one with, you know, the thing” … “Oh yeah, the thiiiiiiing”), while Becky has learned “Inna” (scapula = clavicle, swip = sweep, bitch = beach. The last one was funny when Becky was investigating beach weddings!). They can also proudly boast roasting numerous Thanksgiving turkeys (only one of which spent some time in a trash can in a bathtub) and baking a square, very lopsided, two tier wedding cake (which only half looked like a tank…sorry Amanda and Karan!). Becky is going to miss Inna VERY much next year (Inna’s staying in Baltimore to finish up her MD/PhD program), but is looking forward to the yearly vacations they’ll be planning soon!


Erica “Miss Erica America” Rossi – Maid of Honor

Erica has been Becky’s best friend for the past 18 years…that is a super long time! They met in fourth grade when Erica moved from New Jersey to California.  In seventh grade they were paired up to create a futuristic magazine – an experience that would leave the bonus room in Erica’s house smelling like ten different kinds of perfume and the world forever changed (highlights include a planet to send old people – yikes! – and hybrid pets: dats = dog + cat). They have been BFFs ever since! They spent the next few years artistically toilet papering their friends’ houses (Happy Birthday!), baking Christmas cookies by the ton, and creating a note card system to defeat any dreaded chemistry test (they managed to take this class 4 times between the two of them).  They even took a tour of LA for a sociology class: two freshman girls sent to take pictures of Watts Towers (nope, definitely not a sculpture made of lightbulbs), Compton (let’s skip that one…), and two people standing outside of an open care door literally covered in bees (maybe not on the list but definitely worth a photo!)…not the smartest idea, but certainly an adventure. Erica can also claim to have taught Becky how to drive on the freeway – an only half-terrifying experience for both of them! Becky can’t wait to spend more time with Erica, who is working at UCI in infectious disease/epidemiology, when she moves back to California.


Katie “Katydids” Recker – Sister of the Bride

Becky has known Katie for…just about her whole life. Becky remembers being super excited to hold her new little sister – which she was allowed to do, only after being propped up on the couch and enveloped by a stack of pillows (she was only 2 years old at the time!). They managed to get into quite a lot of trouble: a simple trip to the park to walk their dog left them with a very wet dog, some very scared ducks, and a theme song for their dog they made up to the tune of “Born to be Wild” (thank goodness Mom was there!). Becky hasn’t gotten to see her sister much in the past few years – she’s been taking prerequisites in Boston to apply for optometry programs – but is looking forward to see her when she (hopefully!) makes it back to Fullerton for optometry school.


Azita “Lil’ SIL” Adami – Sister of the Groom

Azita actually knew Becky’s sister before she knew Becky, as they were in the neuropsychology program at UCI together. Becky met Azita shortly after she started dating Arash and it has been nonstop fun ever since! They share a love of Christmas lights (Sapphire street is now a tradition!), yummy coffee (preferably around a rotating Christmas tree), and making elaborate dinners (you really do need a 5 gallon pot…think about the leftovers!). Becky would have been lost in wedding planning if it had not been for Azita’s constant help (see video trailer page! and wedding attire!), despite Azita’s super hectic schedule – she just started a PhD in clinical psychology in San Diego. Becky can’t wait to come back to California so that she can spend more time with Azita and is so thankful to have the best Lil’ SIL (little sister-in-law) in the entire world!


Amanda “Karanda” Kumar – Bridesmaid

Becky was SO happy that Amanda agreed to be roommates with Inna, Morgan, and her at the end-of-the-year party after first year – she loved having another person to fit into the role of sibling with her (Inna and Morgan were Mom and Dad in this small family away from family), especially since that someone is one of the nicest people she has ever met! Amanda is so cute and put together – even while falling asleep on the roof deck while still talking to her now husband, Karan, on the phone (surgery rotation is rough!), or climbing into his jacket (while he’s still wearing it), or just putting on all of his clothes from the laundry (adorable). Becky and Amanda share a love of meatballs and dumplings (yum!) and have had fun making both in their awesome kitchen. Watching Amanda practice rolling spring rolls in the air is especially entertaining…and it works since hers are always the prettiest! Living with Amanda has been beyond fun the last three years and Becky is going to miss her when she’s off training to be an anesthesiologist next year!



Morgan “Morgs” Bonds – Bridesmaid

Morgan can officially say that she has saved Becky’s life at least once. Morgan mercifully caught her by the back of her coat as Becky came about 10 inches from face-planting into the pavement on their way to school, for which Becky is eternally grateful! Becky was first “introduced” to Morgan on facebook when they learned they were going to be roommates their first year in medical school. Becky was a bit intimidated (Morgan was athletic – she was a second away from going to the Olympics in track! – and looked like she could kick just about anyone’s butt), but after meeting her, Becky realized Morgan was just a super sweet girl who loved shoes and shopping as much as she did – maybe even more! Morgan has shared a great many books with Becky and introduced her to wedding shows on TLC, now a Friday night ritual. She also came up with 99% of Becky’s nicknames and a theme song for Ruggles and Friends cooking show (there is definitely a Rebecca Ruggles in our neighborhood who is unaware). Without her, it’s unclear if Becky would have gotten a wedding dress (it probably would have happened…but she needed a little kick in the butt to get started) ;). Morgan’s been a great roommate and Becky is going to miss her next year when she’s training in surgery somewhere far away from California!