The Proposal


Arash made all of Becky’s dreams come true when he proposed on a random Wednesday in June 2010. You see, he had everything planned for a beautiful Saturday – he would take her on a hike in Laguna Beach (he hiked all the trails to find the perfect one), get her a teeny bit tipsy on delicious red wine (he sampled multiple bottles to find the perfect one), feed her the yummiest sandwiches (the roast beef, pickle, mayonnaise ones they always make for picnics)…and magically end up on one knee on a cliff overlooking the ocean (the logistics of that part were yet to be worked out). He had the ring picked out for six months and had shopped for it alone (Arash trusts no one with secrets!). His plan was to tie it to a single rose, which he always presented to her on special occasions.


But then tragedy struck – or perhaps just an ill-timed bachelor party in Vegas – and he had to reschedule. Becky, however, was very ready to come home to study for Step 1 of the medical licensing boards. “No worries,” she said, “I’ll just stay with my parents for the weekend.” She should have known something was up when Arash screamed, “NO!!” but she shrugged it off as him being a little weird. Whatever, she could wait until Monday to come home. Little did she know that Arash had already been to see her parents to ask for her hand in marriage – which is really a story unto itself – and didn’t trust them to keep the secret if she was at home for a whole weekend.


So Becky finally comes home, gung-ho for studying, but Arash insists on going to lunch.


But I have to study!” she pleaded, and insists on playing review tapes all the way to the beach (how very romantic). He parks the car on a road at the base of a hill and informs her that they are now about to embark on a four hour hiking expedition. Becky is very unhappy with this prospect, but goes along with the plan. Arash knew her well (the hike was only 30 mins) and soon they were at the top of the cliff, overlooking all of Laguna Beach, lunching and drinking happily. Becky still had no clue anything was up, even after all of the “I hiked a million trails, tried a million wines, etc, stories”…it was just another perfect picnic except Arash was being a bit strange.


He had brought his fancy SLR camera and then insisted that it was too windy for it to be on the tripod – he wanted Becky’s small camera (with video capability) to place on the tripod instead. (How ever did she miss the blinking red light on that camera?) They stood together, cuddled for warmth (it was chilly!), looking at the ocean and the beautiful houses.


“You’ll have to marry someone with a lot of money if you want to live there,” she said.


He said, “I can do better than that” and suddenly wasn’t standing behind her anymore.



She was confused (where did her hug go??), turned around, and saw Arash on one knee, and immediately went into shock. Arash doesn’t remember Becky saying yes (it’s the only thing audible on the video!) and Becky doesn’t remember a word of Arash’s speech (but she definitely said yes before it was over…), but it is safe to say that they were the happiest two people in the world on that day :)


And after four long years away from each other and a very long engagement they are most definitely excited to be getting married (and live in the same state!) on Cinco de Mayo!

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